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sa02   "anchored in Christ"
ha001   "anchored in Christ" carafe
cf004   "anchored in Christ" votive
jj001   "believe" necklace
p004   "bless you" hankie
vv003   "blessed" zinc letters
ha002   "blessings" posy vase
j001   "call" frameable letterpress art
j003   "Father, Son & Holy Ghost"
jk001   "give thanks" slate board
j002   "light" frameable letterpress art
p003   "nest" painted canvas
cc001   4 x 6 crown picture frame
4715   abbey 2-piece baby set
4746   abbey 4x6 picture frame
4757   abbey 5x7 picture frame
4711   abbey baby cup
4712   abbey baby cup & spoon set
4710   abbey baptismal shell
4714   abbey cross musical
4713   abbey infant feeding spoon
4700   abbey round box
4705   abbey standing cross
ap161   always keep your beautiful
p002   angel mobile
cf003   angel wing ornament
lj004   antique french medals - deux
lj005   antique mary bracelet
lj006   antique st. cornelius bracelet
ch003   antiqued mirror cross
clp09   aquamarine angel wing bracelet
clp01   aquamarine cross bracelet
lap111   baby elephant
CWX727E   baby's first cup
bbhc05   baptism holding cross
p001   bird mobile
3401   blessing bank
ha003   bronze "angel wings"
jhc07   bronze holding cross
874   bunny musical
ss004   celebrate print
ap220   charles swindoll
bchc03   confirmation holding cross
lw001   cross linen guest towel
lw002   crown linen guest towel
ch001   crown tumbler
jd002   crystal cross necklace
m003   cuddly elephant
m004   cuddly giraffe
538   elephant musical
9134   elephant picture frame
sm001   equestrian bit serving board
j005   faith hope & love print - magenta
j004   faith hope & love print - navy
bfchc06   first communion holding cross
LAP106   for my darling
d011   gold "have faith" cross
d003   gold angel wings necklace
d001   gold cross necklace
ss001   gold foil love print
jhc15   gold holding cross
d007   gold hope necklace
d009   gold infinity necklace
d005   gold petite cross necklace
ch004   hanging angel
ha006   hanging glass wall pocket
ap156   hello beautiful
ap158   hello darling
ap157   hello sunshine
rl001   it is well with my soul (more colors)
rl003   keep calm and pray on
sa004   keep calm and pray on
ap143   kiss your life
clp10   labradorite angel wing bracelet
clp03   labradorite cross bracelet
sb001   lace ceramic heart dish (more colors)
cw605   lamb coin bank
ap184   letter for sophie
X436   lillian, angel of worship
lap114   love you x forever
lj001   lovely lourdes necklace
sm002   mahogany accented board
cf002   mercury crown votive
vv002   mercury glass crown votive
da0572   mercury glass heart
7602   midnight link clock
jj002   miraculous medal
clp08   mother of pearl "protect me" bracelet
clp04   mother of pearl angel bracelet
clp02   mother of pearl cross bracelet
clp06   mother of pearl cross medal bracelet
sa005   mother teresa print
as108   my whole heart
12522   natural hanging wall cross
m002   noah's ark print
m001   noah's cruise
rl004   oh holy night
jj003   oval cross necklace
jhc16   platinum holding cross
ha005   posy vases
bl015   praying madonna statue
sa001   proverbs 31:25
sa003   psalm 117:2
p5021   quilted rabbit 2-piece baby set
p2504   quilted rabbit handle baby cup
p5026   quilted rabbit keepsake box
p5023   quilted rabbit pewter baby cup
p5020   quilted rabbit pewter bowl
p5022   quilted rabbit pewter spoon
ap136   remember when
vv004   rustic metal crown votive
mb001   serenity prayer wall plaque
cf001   silver crown
da2669   slate board
ch002   standing silver angel
jd003   statement cross necklace
d012   sterling "have faith" cross
d004   sterling angel wings necklace
d002   sterling cross necklace
d008   sterling hope necklace
d010   sterling infinity necklace
d006   sterling petite cross necklace
sa006   sweet prayer no. 1
sa007   sweet prayer no. 2
sa008   sweet prayer no. 3
ap160   this is the beginning
lap129   to the moon & back
clp07   turquoise "protect me" bracelet
jd001   turquoise cross necklace
lj002   vintage cross with topaz
lj003   vintage st. christopher necklace
ha004   white "angel wings"
lap117   white heart
7502   white link clock
rl002   yes! Jesus loves me (more colors)
ap113   you are my sunshine
ss003   your heart light print

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