Sweet Praises

First and foremost, it's not about us. At sweet praises, our mission is simple - it's all
about Jesus. We're thankful for the redeeming grace of our Savior. We want to honor Him in all ways.

It started one fine afternoon, in the midst of a cool midwestern breeze. I sat amongst the beauty of God's creation, in the thick foliage on my parent's land in the Northwoods. I wondered, how can I capture the peace of this very moment? How can I unite my "work life" and "personal life"? How can I keep Him in the center of my "everything"?

After prayer and reflection, sweet praises was refined from a sketch on a napkin to a business plan. I identified a need for refreshing and modern products within the Christian market - pieces that you can enjoy in both your home and life.

We're like the little train that could. A small train, small team with big dreams. We're committed to honoring our beliefs while providing you with an exceptional experience.

We've sourced a unique blend of products to offer you - with a variety of price points. We hope to broaden these offerings as our business grows and prospers. We've collaborated with talented artists near and far. Some pieces have been lovingly created by hand - the texture and patina may vary - which is what we love. It's their charming nature - no two will ever be the same. Whether it's a piece for your home or a gift for a friend, our hope is that you find that special something here.

Please know that we are always open to feedback and suggestions from you - our valued customers, friends, sisters and brothers in Christ.

Let's give Him sweet praises in all that we do!

Shawn A. Anderson
Owner | sweet praises

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